As a young government in the Nordic countries cope with the pandemic.

Last year in Russia, many mocked the new government of Finland. In it the leaders of all parties included in the coalition, and key Ministers were women.

Prime Minister Sanne Marin for 34 years, at the time of her appointment, she had little political experience at the national level (member of Parliament in 2015, half a year has held a Ministerial post). Besides – what shocked the Russian audience was brought up in a same-sex family. The Minister of internal Affairs – also 34, the Minister of Finance – 32.

Then I had to read online that in the quiet time that the government can still something amiss, but if the hour of testing, you will need men with steel views, which will be able to solve real problems.

The hour has come sooner than anyone thought. Now in Finland 3237 cases, died 72 people. Moreover, the country is emerging from a pandemic in the country, the decline in the number of new infections – now ill just 76 people. The country introduced a quarantine, which is effective. Of course, an important role is played by the consciousness of the population, but should take into account the quality of governance.

So that women the government copes with its task.

Alexei Makarkin, Telegram