According to Nostradamus, the year 2018 will be very difficult. In the coming year will be born the ugly child, whose birth will provoke hundreds of thousands of victims. First, the war will spread among the Jews, but soon the situation will intervene other States that just can’t stay away. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

In addition to the threat of war, the prophet foretold and more
the probable use of chemical weapons, able to destroy the lion’s share
of mankind. Will use such a terrible method of warfare is one of the Arab
countries. The panic spread to the whole world and start a mass migration of people to the North,
to avoid destroying the poisonous rays.

Moreover, in 2018 nature rebel against man. So, Siberia
cover the flame. Forest fires will rage all summer. Next year
continuous showers will terrorize Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Italy . Also under water wide most of the UK. Only years later
people will again start to fill Europe.

It was noted earlier that the Earth will soon be completely covered with a hot ocean of lava.

As we know, Kepler-106 is the exoplanet, which has an orbit close to the parent star
what it is completely covered by ocean of molten lava.