CHERNYAKHOVSK /Kaliningrad region/, September 25. / TASS/. The first combined container train from Europe to China, which will transport corridor via Kaliningrad oblast arrived to the station of Chernyakhovsk near Kaliningrad. Started overload composition of the 41 container with a narrow European gauge to the Russian wide to transit through the territory of Russia.

“This train is the birth of a new transport corridor. Naturally, this will have a multiplier effect for economic business of Kaliningrad, in the whole transport system of Kaliningrad” – said to journalists after the solemn ceremony of the meeting of the whole, the head of the Kaliningrad railway (KZHD, part of Russian Railways) Victor Golomolzin. He added that the open corridor – an opportunity for transportation of cargo of Kaliningrad producers in Europe and in China.

The train arrived to the Kaliningrad region from Poland . After the overload on the Russian track, he will travel to China via Lithuania, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. The journey time on the route from the Polish city of Lodz to Chengdu in China will amount to 13 days, which, as noted in management KZHD, three times faster than sea transport, at a comparable fare.

The project is implemented “United transport and logistic company” (UTLC created by Railways and carriers of Belarus and Kazakhstan) together with CR. Kaliningrad route will complement the railway corridor Dostyk (Kazakhstan) – Brest (Belarus) to deliver goods from China to Europe and back. The first stage will pass through the Kaliningrad with one train per day with further increase traffic volumes.

“As soon as this train will be shipped and will go his route, we’ll deal next trains”, – said the President of the UTLC Alexey Grom. Opportunities in the area, he said, can serve on this route up to four trains per day. In addition, in the region “trains can be formed, as with the approach rail, and approach from the sea carriers”, said the President of the UTLC.