The smuggling of weapons


Photo: SBU

News of Ukraine:law Enforcers detained two smugglers attempting to smuggle in weapons.

In the Kharkiv region, the security forces exposed a powerful channel for smuggling firearms. Reports a press about it-service SBU.

Part of an international criminal group included citizens of Ukraine and citizens of several European countries, as well as persons with dual citizenship. Criminals illegally imported military guns internationally. While masked them under the guns for shooting of the cartridges Flaubert caliber 4 mm, not prohibited through state border. In Ukraine, smuggled guns sold via the Internet.


Security forces with the assistance of the State fiscal service detained two smugglers while trying to smuggle 43 brands of pistols “Glock”, “Beretta”, “Colt”, “Browning”, “CZ”, “Astra”, “Bersa” . In addition, during searches in places of residence and in the vaults of the attackers seized about 300 units of pistols, machine guns and automatic rifles of foreign and domestic production, components for firearms, tools for its processing, credit card.

Open criminal proceedings according to the Art. 201 (smuggling of firearms) and article 263 (illegal handling of firearms) of the criminal code of Ukraine.