In the Kiev region during the planned works on replacement of a valve killed three employees of KP “Ivankov municipal water management” in S. Hare, reported the State service for emergency situations.

“On 29 July at 13:12, the contact point 41-State firefighting and rescue part of Ivankiv, it was reported that the well water tower ivankivs’kyi municipal enterprise of communal water management in the village of Rusaki are 3 people”, – stated in the message.

Rescuers found that in the well without consciousness there are three employee KP EKUVG who carried out planned work to replace valves.

“Rescuers in devices of protection of breath went down into the well for the victims. At the time of raising the first husband came the ambulance, whose representative stated the death of the man 1986 year of birth”, – said the press service of the Ministry.

In addition, two other men in 1975 brought to the surface with signs of life, and transferred to doctors.

“After first aid was delivered in Ivankiv Central district hospital. However, during transport to the hospital, the victims died”, – stated in the message.

The reasons of incident are established.