In the Leningrad region held military exercises soldiers anti-tank units of the WMD, which was attended by 100 servicemen and over 30 pieces of equipment. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

During the exercise, soldiers
worked for the destruction of heavy armored vehicles of the imaginary enemy of
anti-tank missile complex “Sturm-C”. For large targets,
simulating tank unit and lightly armored vehicles conditional
the enemy used missiles increased power

During the exercise was
produced more than 80 electronic launches 9М120 “Attack”, which
destroyed more than 100 armored vehicles of the imaginary enemy. In various versions
the missile is equipped with a cumulative, high-explosive or volume-detonating battle

Earlier, the Network blew up shooting footage of Russian special forces from the latest AK-74М3 in Palmyra .

As you know, at this
the unit is equipped with a universal Picatinny rail, which is very
effective for fixing modern day sights and also red dot
sight “Merlin” monocular night vision “LUN”. New
modification of the Kalashnikov assault rifle is also equipped with a transparent store that
allows you to visually control the flow of ammunition.