Escaped from prison in Lviv oblast prisoners during detention wounded a policeman, according to the Department of communication of the main Directorate of the National police in the Lviv region.

“Employee Zhydachevskii police Department Oleg Frank received a penetrating stab wound to the chest during the arrest of two convicts escaped from the penal colony”, – stated in the message.

According to police, the incident occurred on the evening of September 4 near the village Mezhyrichchia Zhydachevskii district.

Being out of service, the officer noticed two men matching the orientation of the convicts who escaped from a corrective colony of the Nikolaev on September 3.

Police called for backup, approached the men introduced himself and offered to go with him to the office for identification. The men refused, and the police decided to detain them. During the arrest one of the attackers hit a police officer with a knife in the chest.

Soon the police arrived and arrested escaped from prison. The wounded policeman was hospitalized, his condition is stable heavy.

As reported, September 3, from colonies in the Lviv region two escaped convicts.

According to police, the escaped the 20-year-old native of Kiev region and 27-year-old resident of Zhytomyr region.

In fact the escape was opened criminal proceedings under part 2 of article 393 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (escape from places of imprisonment or from-under guards).