Photo: United States Department of Energy

Discovered the element could be formed 4.6 billion years ago in the protoplanetary disk around the Sun.

American scientists have found the first extraterrestrial protein. It is reported by arXiv.

Discovered organic material inside a meteorite Acfer 08с that crashed in Algeria 30 years ago.

Scientists studied the discovery using mass spectrometry and found the amino acid glycine. It was not an isolated molecule, and was a part of the protein. The find was called demolition.

It was structurally similar to proteins earth, but he discovered the hydrogen isotope – deuterium. A similar ratio of deuterium and hydrogen is typical of long-period comets.

It is assumed that the protein could have formed in the protoplanetary disk around the Sun, 4.6 billion years ago. There is a probability of non-protein nature hemolytica. Experts will continue research to confirm the findings.

Earlier it was reported, what was recorded the most powerful flare in the Universe. The Correspondent also wrote that astronomers have solved the mystery of the “alien probe” near the Ground.

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