Tourist who stayed in Mexico, during a visit to the ancient city of Uxmal photographed a strange object in the form of a pyramid. According to the tourist, he’s in the tour group visited Uxmal, and photographed all unusual structures of the ancient city. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

This incident
happened near the pyramid of the Magician. About this incident, a man found out when
was looking through pictures from vacation. This object looks like a cloud, but when he
uploaded the photo in a program called DStretch, I noticed that the object
has the shape of a pyramid.

After careful
processing the image he was able to recognize the outlines of the pyramidal UFO.

Previously, residents of Yekaterinburg and Upper Pyshma flew a UFO the size of a dozen football fields.

Moreover, a resident of the Upper
Pyshma said that he saw the mysterious UFO burning in three different lights . Witnesses
tried to make photos of the strange object, but because of the dark time of the day they
it turned out not the best quality.