MOSCOW, December 20. /TASS/. A hundred miners, according to some data, were in the mine “Esaul” in the Kemerovo region, where there was a collapse of breed in the ventilation drift. About TASS reported the press service of EMERCOM of Russia.

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On mine in Kuzbas from-for collapses was blocked three drifters

“According to updated information, in the time of the collapse, the mine employed 100 people, 97 of them brought to the surface. Nobody suffered”, – said the Agency interlocutor. Three miners were behind the dam in an emergency slaughter. Them regular phone connection. Their health is normal, they are provided with air,” – said the representative of the MOE.

According to him, “now rescuers are working on the sinking and rescue the generation of small diameter through the solid rock of coal.”

In the MOE noted that work on the emergency section of the mine will be conducted around the clock .

“In parallel with the analysis of the dam is the strengthening of the roof in Parallel, work is also underway for the drilling of a borehole in the crosspiece between the current face and a space behind the dam, where miners, to supply air, and now implemented technical measures to extend to her people [to get]”, – reported in GU Ministry of emergency situations in the region.

Predictions of how much time it can take these works, the experts shall refrain.

With one of of land under the miners contacted the Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev.

The head of Kuzbas in conversation with drifter Alexei ilinykh said that considering two options of rescue of miners from the rubble, or other. Tuleyev also reported that, when necessary, is a drilled hole for air supply and food delivery. According to Ilyin, the situation in the area where they are stable.

Upon collapse checks Kemerovo Interdistrict Prosecutor’s office on supervision of execution of laws in coal-mining industry.

Mine “Esaul” is under the control of the “Raspadskaya coal company”, which performs the functions of a managing organization in the coal assets of PJSC “Raspadskaya” and “OUK “JUzhkuzbassugol” (part of Evraz). As reported in the company after the occurrence and during renovation excavation at the mine was suspended.