According to the latest data, the fire area in the plant in Krasnoyarsk Krasmash reached 24 thousand sq. m. the Fire spread to the room of the enterprise. The rescuers managed to localize 20 thousand sq m of fire. About it reports “Interfax” reports, “Russian conversation”.

As is known, a source in the emergency services reported that the workshop for the Assembly of a new heavy Intercontinental ballistic missiles “Sarmat” and sea-launched ballistic missiles “Sineva” and “Liner” are approximately one kilometre from the burning on the territory of “Krasmash” (included in the Russian Federal space Agency) warehouses.

The head of the press service of the regional Glaucus MOE Alexander Yakimov said that the oil that is on top of the roof of a burning plant at the plant Krasmash, Krasnoyarsk, gives the smoke a black color.

Since the plant was able to safely evacuate all employees. The smoke from the fire has already enveloped half the city.

We will remind, according to the source, the fire in the building Department as of the past hour spread over an area of 21 thousand sq. m. the length of the shop, as it is known, is approximately 240 m, and its width is nearly 105 m. In a Network there was video of live broadcast of emergency in Krasnoyarsk.