How to begin to navigate the market nowadays living Russian artists? Who and why one is listed and who is not? What determines the pricing procedure? These issues exhaustively meets analytical project InArt. Only that he presented in the Moscow market the results of its second ranking, which is predictable will not name.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

Founder of the project Xenia Podoinitsina is a successful gallery owner (Gallery 21 at the Winery is thriving) goes beyond the exhibition space and announce the results on… the market. Advanced Muscovites, there is no doubt about what the site is about. Of course, Danilovskiy, who recently turned into a trendy food cluster (under the same roof here gets farmers ‘ fair with the original points of a public catering) .

Unexpected (albeit understandable, since contemporary art in Russia is high time to begin to pour into people, to avoid confusion) is not only the location of the presentation, but also its program. At the main entrance of the Central market, the counter greets you with a giant watermelon, garnet, persimmon, cucumbers and pumpkins – not just fresh and svezhenanesennyj on the white canvas. The range is substantial: several dozens of pictures to any size.

The saleswoman — she’s the author of “products” available: Busty in fancy dress, starched apron and cap, heels, makeup and a manicure… This market has ever seen! Passing by the old marvel, the youth giggling flower girls at the door in amazement looking at an outlandish counter. And his mistress, the star of the national performative art Elena Kovylina though that. She sits imposingly shifts from foot to foot and enjoys reading.

– Elena E. that’s so captivating?

– “Encyclopedia of gardeners”. How I lived without it? Here she told me the truth about life opened. It is time in Russia to establish a dialogue between people and art, creating a collaboration of cultures — agricultural and artistic, modern information and traditional agricultural. In General, it is necessary to overcome the isolation of Russian population from the current artistic processes.

– This is the purpose of your performance?

– Rather to consider the draft “Carrot culture” as an attempt to give art to assert itself in an atmosphere of “cultural isolation”. I’m coming towards the viewer, offering him to see familiar images of everyday objects so-called “high culture.” The title of the draft plays out the ambiguity and raznoplanovost the term “culture” as not only in Russian but also in European languages it can refer to both the spiritual and material spheres, that is, to artistic creation and agricultural activities.

– You position the project as an international?

– In this case focus on Russia. Due to the peculiarities of civilizational development of our contemporary art as a phenomenon of the post-industrial world grows hard. After many years of active life in the cultural capitals of the world – Moscow, Berlin, Zurich, Paris and Los Angeles, seven years ago I moved to permanent residence in the suburban village. In my experience over the years in the cost of living and even in the comfort zone of the vast majority of the population does not include elements of cultural life and the need for culture as such. Only in the “agricultural” sense of the term: fruit or green. The cultivation of these plants on their six acres in the ground and the majority of the population. Planting seeds or seedlings, weeding, harvesting, selling of crops — that is the constant change of the exhibition in the “cultural” landscape of Russia.

– Well, your-cucumbers-tomatoes how much?

Tiny from — five thousand more to reach fifty.

– Rubles?

– Of course, we’re at home. Prices do not worry, this timeless story: it will survive more than one generation, unlike edible vegetables; the price will be added every day. Then in any auction will be able to sell. Expect to sell until may 27. Now if you’ll excuse me: they come.

And we have — the announcement of rating, more ratings, since one selection is recognized and the other young authors (under 35 years). The balance among the recognized obvious: Ilya and Emilia Kabakov (by a large margin), Eric Bulatov, AES+F, Olga Chernysheva, Vladimir Dubosarsky, who succeeded at this place Irina Nahova due to the active and stable sales. Among the young leaders group is made up of, Tatiana Akhmetgalieva, Evgeny Antufiev, Tim parchikov, Danila Tkachenko. Near them gets bold and talented Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, Yevgeny Granilshchikov and Artem Filatov.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

On what basis they are selected? 2016 team InArt with the support of leading Russian gallerists, collectors, curators and the artists themselves made up a list of authors that refer to contemporary Russian artists. In the database includes nearly 1,300 names, and the list is constantly updated. Next, he identified the living masters, of which more than 800.

For each artist started the questionnaire that you filled out on the basis of open sources (the website of the artist, gallery, Museum, publications in the press…).

FZ “On personal data No. 152-FZ” these individuals can be processed only with his consent, therefore, all questionnaires were sent to the artists themselves to check the accuracy of the information and to obtain written consent for data processing. All forms are available on the project website.

The selection mechanism is built on a methodology that includes qualitative and quantitative indicators that affect the significance of the artist. The main criteria approved by the expert Council of the project include professional education, participation in exhibitions, fairs and biennials, the volume of auction sales, analysis of cost of works. A total of 38 indicators. The expert Council of the project — known figures of Russian contemporary art: leading curators, gallery owners, art managers and representatives of auction houses.

– Rating is the fastest way to figure whose work to buy what the artist is valued, concludes Xenia Podoinitsina. – Rating is a standard tool in any developed market, in any industry. Tool evaluation and selection. The significance rating is due to a serious methodology that is being improved from year to year. I’m glad this year we are releasing for the second rating. The market is developing.

Help “MK”. Elena Kovylina is one of the most famous Russian artists and performer, it is often called the “Russian Marina”.

Kovylina participated in major international art forum — the Venice Biennale, itinerant European Biennale “Manifesta” Biennale of Sydney, Biennale of Sharjah, received the award “Innovation” and the State prize of the Russian Academy of Arts “Against the tide”, the winner of numerous international grants. Her solo exhibitions were held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Toronto, Geneva, Turin, Paris and many other cities.