As reported on Tuesday, may 28, “the Russian
Dialogue” with the link to the portal accident
occurred in January 2015, 364 miles South-East of the island of GUAM. On
160 meters, and at full speed the submarine crashed into an underwater mountain, not
marked on the maps.

Noted, the impact was so severe that the submarine nearly died – bow ballast tanks were breached.

Almost all members of the crew (over a hundred people)
have got traumas of various severity, the 24-year-old assistant engineer Joseph
Allen died on the second day after the accident from head injuries.

However, the submarine was able to surface and request

San Francisco was towed to the dock, where, in addition to
the destruction of the ballast tanks, was diagnosed with serious damage to the sonar. But
durable hull was not breached, thus avoiding disaster. Was not injured and
the reactor compartment. After repair, the boat continued service.

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submarines that will forever discourage the enemy desire to attack Russia under

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