Photo: Louise Lerner, University of Chicago the Age of water – 22 thousand years

“Pockets” of seawater was preserved for 22 thousand years, when the Earth was Ice age.

Researchers from the University of Chicago conducted a study in which were first discovered “pockets” of sea water, dated the Ice age. Age of water – 22 thousand years. This writes

Find, hidden inside rocks, were made in the Indian ocean. Found it during a scientific mission aimed at the study of deposits of limestone.

“Before, all we needed to recover seawater from the last glacial period, are indirect hints, such as fossil corals and chemical characteristics of precipitation on the seabed. But, apparently, we have a real piece of 20,000-year-old ocean,” said researcher Clara Blattler.

When scientists have extracted the water, after preliminary tests it was clear that she was much saltier than normal sea water.

“It was the first sign that we had something extraordinary in our hands,” added Blatter.

High level of salt in the water due to the fact that in those days a much larger quantity of fresh water contained in glaciers than in the ocean.

Earlier it was reported that scientists using computer simulation revealed the secrets of liquid ocean.

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