The attackers were detained



Photo from open sources

Ukraine news:the Attackers, according to preliminary data, athletes, members of sports kickboxercise club.

In Ovidiopolsky district of Odessa region detained three people who beat the editor of the newspaper “naddnistrians’ka Pravda” of the Novel Varshanidze.

As reported in the communication Department of the Main Directorate of the National police in the Odessa region, was attacked on the evening of August 25.

It is established that the journalist of one of regional the Internet-editions was returning to his home. Man during traffic seen on the roadway using special devices to stop the vehicle, stopped and got out of the car. At this time, three men in balaclavas with bats attacked him and started beating him. Passing by a neighbor of the victim intervened in a fight. The attackers got scared and fled the scene .

“Thanks to the coordinated and professional actions of employees of Ovidiopolsky police Department three intruders installed. They were taken to Ovidiopol police Department. Prime investigative actions”, – reported in the Chapter.

On this fact initiated criminal proceedings under part 2 of article 345-1 (Threat or violence against a journalist) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

As it turned out, the attack was against the chief editor of “naddnistrians’ka Pravda” of the Novel Varshanidze.

The attackers are residents of the city of Chernomorsk, according to preliminary data, athletes, members of sports kikbokserskie club.

As previously reported, on Friday evening, August 25, on the street in Odessa there was an accident involving a public bus service “Izmail – Odessa” and SUV. In the accident, 12 people injured, one person was lost, reports a press-service of the police in the Odessa region.

“Previously it is established that the driver of the SUV caused the accident, the collision was seriously injured and was hospitalized in resuscitation unit of medical institution, where he died”, – stated in the message.