KIEV, October 7. /TASS/. Monuments to Vladimir Lenin and Mikhail Kalinin, previously repaired for budgetary funds, dismantled in the village Cuba Odessa region. This was reported by the press service of the Bolgradsky district state administration.


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“The joint efforts of the Odessa regional state administration and the Bolgradsky district state administration it was found necessary funding and special equipment by means of which the dismantling of monuments to Lenin and Kalinin in the village Cuba”, – stated in the message. In a press-service reported that the dismantling was completed on 6 October .

The Institute of national remembrance of Ukraine reported earlier that the leadership of the village Cuba at the expense of local budget repaired the statues of Lenin and Kalinin, in connection with which the institution has decided to apply to the investigating authorities for inspection. In the opinion of management of the Institute, in this case it is “about making and public use of Communist symbols,” which prohibits the Ukrainian law on decommunization.

In Ukraine, after mass protests in the winter of 2014, which led to the change of power in the country, has unleashed a campaign to destroy the memory of the Russian and Soviet past in the country. For this, the Verkhovna Rada in may 2015, adopted a separate law on decommunization. It involves the renaming of topographic objects, named in honor of Soviet statesmen. In practice, the new authorities are doing everything to not just give up on all things Soviet, but also of the total, reminiscent of ties with Russia.