In Odessa region unknown desecrated the monument to Lenin, for unknown reasons, well-established, when Ukraine, a wave of de-communization. Vandals prefer not to demolish the statue of the leader from the pedestal, and cut off his head.

As writes the local newspaper “Duma”, a monument located in the village of Calm, most likely, was the last in the region , and also quite rare – the sculptors put on the head of the Soviet leader’s cap, according to “Russian conversation”.

In the night of Friday, may 5, unknown disfigured monument, cutting off the head together with the upper part of the sculpture, and what’s on the pedestal now stands only a “half Lenin.”

The monument to the “leader” was to be demolished under the current Ukrainian law on de-communization, but somehow survived and stood long enough after “Leninabad” on the territory of the region.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” on the eve of may holidays, the Odessa city Council reversed the renaming of the Soviet names of streets within the Council, but later the resolution was suspended.