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Mon, 6 Aug 2018



Ukraine news: In Turkey tried to take out illegally under 7 thousand stickers for electronic cigarette.

Party tavakolizadeh products found in the night of Monday employees of the State border service of Ukraine together with representatives of Department of protection of the economy, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region and the SFS staff at the checkpoint “Chornomorski-ICC”.

“Information about possible illicit movement of goods received by employees of operational units of the southern regional government of state frontier service. Therefore, when the output from Ukraine is on one of the ships that was supposed to go to Turkey, has arrived the car “Volvo” truck immediately checked. The result of using the system scan, “Rapiscan” overview the panel found at the bottom of the trailer double bottom . It was completely Packed Tabacalera products”, – reported on the website of the state border service.

Just stash a citizen of Ukraine was carrying almost 7 million stickers for electronic cigarettes with Ukrainian excise stamps.

“After drawing up the relevant documents and counting the goods will be withdrawn”, – is spoken in the message.