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Hemp field

Tue, 7 Aug 2018



Ukraine news: the cost of the plant at the prices on the black market makes more than 20 million.

In the Izmail district of Odessa region near the village of Oxalis law enforcement officers found the plantation with 20 thousand bushes of hemp on land owned by the agricultural fisheries cooperative.

As reported today by the press service of the regional police, the plantation revealed on 6 August, it was carefully concealed in a gated community among the reeds.

During the search on the site was a security guard and tractor with equipment, part of the plantings were mowed and the field is burned.

Now militiamen carry out the removal of other plants. Also held events for establishment of persons, involved in planting and farming .

On this fact data are brought in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations under part 1 of article 310 (crops or cultivation of somnolent poppy or hemp) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

As explained in the southern regional administration of State border service of Ukraine, information about the illegal activities in the Odessa region has received the military operational units of the border agencies.

“Between the settlements of Sorrel and Borgáta interdepartmental group discovered a cannabis plantation with signs of cultivation. The total planted area amounted to about 20 thousand square meters”, – told in management.