The head of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov instructed to hold urgent priority fire prevention measures in all social institutions of the region where the detected violations.

“Where the violations during inspections of the SSES (state service for emergency situations – if). We should start with basic measures – many of them there are no ordinary evacuation plans or, for example, fire exits are cluttered, the walls are decorated with inflammable materials, fire extinguishers not refilled. There are simply no buttons for that in the event of a fire triggering the alarm sound and the signal was filed at the remote service call “101”. This button is inexpensive. This is elementary stuff!”, – said Mikhail Stepanov during a meeting of the Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergency situations .

Responsible for the implementation of activities entrusted to specialized departments: education and science, health, social and family policy of the RSA, as well as to chairmen of regional state administrations and mayors of cities of regional importance in the region.

The draft budget of Odessa region for the year 2018 provides for fire safety measures in the amount of 111.2 million UAH.

“We put an unprecedented amount of fire safety measures. In addition, I have obliged heads of district state administrations to provide funds in the budgets for next year. Their use should be as efficient and transparent,” he said.

According to Stepanova, this amount of 51.5 million will be spent on the relevant activities in educational institutions, 36.8 million UAH in health care, a 13.2 – establishments of social sphere, etc.

A total of 25 September and 12 December 2017 staff of head Department gschs checked 1565 objects for compliance with fire safety regulations. During inspections for violations of fire safety rules 1585 composed of administrative reports to the managers and responsible officials. the court directed the 127 administrative claims for response in the form of full or partial suspension of work of objects.

As for the investigation of the fire in the children’s camp “Victoria”, where in September, when a fire killed three children, then in Odessa region took up the issues of fire safety, according to Stepanova, the prosecution promises to bring to trial indictments within a month.

“What we have today, according to the Prosecutor’s office? Charged with suspicion of four, ranging from former Vice-mayor of Tsvirinko (Zinaida Tsvirinko – if) and to representatives of gschs. There is a suspicion to the camp Director Sargsyan (Petros Sarkisyan – if). For some people within one month of the case will be transferred to the court with the indictment”, – quotes a press-service yeah the words of M. Stepanov.

According to the administration, two days ago at the meeting of representatives of Prosecutor’s office informed that the end 5 of the examinations. “These expertise relate to the construction of this object. Whether it was built according to the rules and did the material fire safety regulations. After the examination the result will be to draw conclusions”, – said Mikhail Stepanov.

The head of the region expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the investigation takes longer promised to militiamen two months, and promised to keep the issue under control.

As reported, a fire in a camp “Victoria” appeared at about 23:30 on September 15. The fire completely destroyed a two-storey wooden building, which at the time of the fire were 52 children.

After extinguishing the fire, rescuers found the charred remains of two children. Another girl was looking like on the fire place and in the vicinity of the camp where she, presumably, could have run away, frightened. Then the police reported that on the fire place found the remains of another person.

Later, the chief of investigative management of GUNP in Odessa region Sergey Shaikhet announced on his page in Facebook that the police got the forensic medical molecular genetic expertise, according to which the identifiable remains of all three girls.

Within investigation of criminal case upon a fire and the death of children, suspicions were brought against the camp Director P. Sargsyan, responsible for the fire safety of the Hope Ancic (Board of Appellate court of Odessa region was released from custody on bail of people’s deputies Moustapha nayem and Gregory Sverko), former Vice-mayor of Odessa Zinaida Tsvirinko and head Department gschs of Ukraine in the Kiev district of Odessa.