The Family Of Semenikov



Photo: Duma

Ukraine news: Sunday, July 8, and was listed in the national Register of records an unusual case — the biggest family in Ukraine.

In the city Dobroslava Odessa region today set a national record for “the Most numerous family in Ukraine.”

Reportedly, the family record consists of 346 people.

According to the information for fixing the record arrived the head of the project “national registry of records of Ukraine” Lana Vetrova.

According to her, July 8 at Dobroslava took place 🙁 check the unique record of “the Most numerous family in Ukraine”, which has a population of 346 people. Heads of the largest Ukrainian born 87-year-old Pavel Semenyuk, who all his life worked in the town of Dobroslav Builder and was the only marriage.

Sunday, according to Wind, in Dobroslava gathered 252 family member, but it documented the presence of the 346. Therefore, as emphasized by Vetrova, this figure (346) made in the corresponding certificate.

Today, Ukraine celebrates the Day of family

The family of Semenikov consists of 13 children (10 living), 127 grandchildren, 203 great-grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Some members of the family living in the near abroad, particularly in Moldova.

“All of them, the head of the family loves much. His eldest daughter 66 years and the youngest great-grandchildren yet. While three were born in the last month – while undergoing training registration national record. Today Dobroslava in the number of women of Semenikov there were several pregnant women. The process does not stop,” said Vetrov.

She stressed that Semenuk can claim a world record, as currently in the Guinness Book of world Records made an Indian family, which has 192 people.