In Shiryaevo Odessa region. a group of protesters, consisting mainly of local residents, blocked Kirawski district court: in the building blew out Windows and the door, the protesters are trying to beat a door to the office of a judge Sergey Paliy, reports portal “I and law”.

“Under attack today were the judge of the district court Shiryaevo Odessa region. A group of “activists” knocked the court doors and Windows. These illegal actions are ongoing now,” said the court.

According to “Interfax-Ukraine”, the protesters want to require the judge to make lawful decisions on several court proceedings or write a letter of resignation. Among the main claims of local inhabitants to the judge: acquittal wife of the local Prosecutor, who knocked down a man, why he was left disabled. According to residents, this decision the judge received a $1 thousand

In turn, the judge refused to communicate with people and locked myself in a room .

Capture of the court in Shiryaevo Odessa region.

As of 14:16 the entrance to the court were barricaded with tyres, the protesters threatened to set fire to them. The court noted that the protesters moved to action, tried to kick the door to the judge’s chambers, accompanying their actions by obscene abuse.

“If the judge doesn’t get it, they promise to wait for two buses with the Odessa activists and to launch an assault on the court”, – is spoken in the message of the court.

In a press-service of the Main Directorate of Ukraine in Odessa region reported that currently at the scene are police officers who protect public order.

As reported, the judge of Economic court of Odessa region Malyarchuk poured green paint, she was in the hospital.

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