Arsen Avakov in Izmail

Sat 10 Jun 2017



Additional division of the national guard will ensure public order and the safety of the inhabitants of Ishmael.

In Izmail Odessa region introduced an additional National guard unit, which has about 400 soldiers. This was stated by the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov on Saturday, June 10, during his working trip to the region, according to the Department of communication of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

“Today we begin the process of entering additional National guard units, which will be posted here, Ishmael, for the maintenance of public order and security of inhabitants of the region”, – said the Minister of internal Affairs.

According to him, the introduction of the new unit NSU takes place as planned, according to the strategic lines, the aim is to increase state presence in the Danube region and Bessarabia to the necessary minimum .

“While the state is fairly calm situation in the region and good dynamics. When we increased from the point of view of the presence of police and guards forces, for example, in the neighboring city, the crime rate there dropped by half,” – said Avakov added that this dynamic will spread throughout the region.

Also, the interior Minister said that the guards division in Ishmael is introduced not because of the urgent need to eliminate any military clashes, and for the purpose of prevention of any attempts to destabilize the situation. “To destabilize the region we will not allow. But what we will contribute is the development of the region, the development of the economy, which will rely on the security of each resident,” – said Avakov.

According to the Minister, introduced to Ismail National guard forces will total about 400 people, which will interact with the police and ensure public order. “It will be well-prepared armed paramilitary units which, if necessary, will be able to give a decisive rebuff,” added the Minister.

In turn, the commander of the National guard Yuriy Alleru stressed that the history of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine give reason to be as vigilant in the Odessa region and protect the region. “Given the complexity of the situation, Russia’s presence in Transnistria, do not quite understand the policy of the countries that border on us, we should have here, the power structure, which, together with other departments ensure order. Threats that exist within our country show that we can only be strong, then they will respect us,” said Alleron.