The Prosecutor’s office of Odessa region together with the representative of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on human rights in the Odessa region Anatoly Pisicuta spent check of observance of the rights of prisoners in Odessa pre-trial detention.

As reported a press-service of Prosecutor’s office of Odessa region, during the inspection, which took place on August 19 revealed “the facts of inhuman treatment” being there with people.

By results of check began criminal proceedings under article 365 (excess of authority or official powers) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Ongoing priority investigation.

As reported, on Thursday evening the prisoner in the Odessa jail, killed and dismembered the employee of the detention facility. Part of the body of the woman found other staff of institution. Later arrived at the scene investigative team found other body parts and things missing in the dumpster. Police revealed the suspect in the murder . It was them 39-the summer arrested person, who was in the detention center, which has previously been brought to criminal responsibility under articles 187 (robbery) and 115 (premeditated murder) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Upon the death of women police began criminal proceedings according to p. 13 of part 2 of article 115 UK of Ukraine (premeditated murder committed by a person who previously committed premeditated murder). In addition, investigators of Prosecutor’s office of Odessa region began criminal proceedings upon office negligence and improper performance of duties by prison staff, which has helped the prisoner commit this crime (part 2 of article 367 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

Later, the police found that the suspect in the murder in recent years, almost did not appear in his cell, and lived in the service yard, which housed a piggery. The sanction of the court to a prisoner for more than two hours was out of the camera is missing. Also in the backyard was discovered unregistered the knife and axe with which the offender is killed and dismembered his victim.

In connection with these and other facts during the investigation from their posts were dismissed head of the Odessa detention center Vyacheslav Koval.