What is actually happening in the immediate environment of Lukashenko.

Russian private news Agency “Rosbalt” claims that a source in the Belarusian security services uncovered the true reasons for the detention of Andrei Vtyurin, who never officially been confirmed nor denied, reports “radio Svaboda” in the article “Bilaga crank APB Lukashenki strimel for supraco s FSB”.

A number of Belarusian mass media on 29 April reported with reference to own sources about the detention of Andrey Vtyurin – state Secretary of the security Council of Belarus, former security chief of Lukashenka. Late in the evening on April 30 appeared Lukashenka’s decree about dismissal Vtyurin “for misconduct, defamatory rank soldier”. The detention was not formally confirmed And not refuted.

According to sources of “Rosbalt”, vtyurin really detained. It is alleged that:

“Vtyurin detained for repeated and numerous “leaks” to the Russian FSB and FSO”;

“His connections got him “inherited” from the past: he himself Russian, studied, worked and was friends with the colleagues from the Russian special services”;

“The last 25 years vtyurin were in the close circle of friends of Lukashenka”;

“The youngest son Lukashenko Nikolai literally grew up in the arms of daddy’s guard”;

“Talk about a conspiracy, but it seems that “the matter is still in close relations Vtyurin with the Russian special services”;

The Russian Ambassador Babych “was removed at the same time,” Vtyurina, and “hardly by accident”;

Exposed “a conspiracy of anti-Lukashenka, the core of which was a group of 5-6 generals and colonels, mainly from the system of the Ministry of defense and Ministry of interior”, aiming at “preventing the re-election of Lukashenko for the presidency” and considered the options until his “physical liquidation”;

“The engine of ideas” was supposedly the eldest son of Alexander Lukashenko, Viktor, who “saw the alternative”, but that he supposedly “leaked plot”;

The disclosure of the conspiracy alleged could be “inspired by Alexander Lukashenko and his closest associates” to “strengthen KGB” and “increase pressure on Russia.”

The official representative of KGB of Belarus Andrey Yarosh at the request of the “Freedom” to comment on that version replied: “No comment.”