Photo: ukrafoto.com

In addition to the submarine in the port of Odessa arrived, two Turkish warships, and also the Romanian Corvette.

Today the port of Odessa to participate in the upcoming trainings “sea breeze-2017” went three of the Turkish ship, including the submarine. As transfers “Duma”, the guests were early in the morning, but something went wrong and the first Turkish ship moored at the 16th berth of the sea port is only about 11 hours. It was the frigate Turgutreis F241. The submarine came in second and stood on the 20-m mooring.

According to the memoirs of scholars, before the submarine came to the port of Odessa about 10 years ago. Third came a large landing ship NL 214, which is moored next to the frigate around noon. In the port of Odessa came submarine. Earlier, about 8 am, in the Practical Harbor came the Romanian Corvette “Rear-Admiral Horia, Macellari”.

Corvettes of this type are easy to notice by their emitted black smoke . For the upcoming international exercise “sea breeze-2017”, which will be held from 10 to 23 July continue to arrive by a special unit. Today, July 9, at the Odessa airport landed two military side of NATO.