The Minister of education and science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych believes that the position of Hungary regarding the language of instruction in the law “On education” more politics than education and the protection of national minorities.

“The statement of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary I am extremely disturbed and it is regrettable, because it sounded like a direct threat, in addition, the position of the Parliament of Hungary is a lot of false information”, – she said at a press briefing after the meeting with the Minister of national education of Romania Liviu Marian Pop (Liviu Marian Pop) to Kiev on Wednesday.

According to the Ukrainian Minister, in particular, refers to the fact that the Hungarian Parliament said the threat of closing schools with the languages of national minorities, which is “a blatant lie”.

“It seems to me that in such an openly aggressive stance, there is more politics than education and the protection of national minorities”, – said L. Hrynevych.

She believes that the approach of parliamentary elections in Hungary may be the cause of such a reaction to the law.

The Minister noted that on October 19 plans to meet with the Minister of education of Hungary to discuss the question of language teaching and the implementation of the law.

“We will explain our position, as long as they wanted us to hear,” said L. Hrynevych.

As reported, on Wednesday, September 27, and published on 28 September will enter into force the law “On education”.

The law, among other things, determines that the language of the educational process in educational institutions is the state language, but in accordance with the educational program can be taught one or more courses in two or more languages – Kazakh, English, other official languages of the European Union.

Persons belonging to national minorities guaranteed the right of education in native language along with the Ukrainian language in separate classes (groups) of public institutions of preschool and primary education.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Hungary said on 26 September about the country’s intention to block the rapprochement between Ukraine and the EU because of the law on education.