In the river hosts second international book forum Book Space, with the theme “New forms of life.”

On the Festival pier – locations for authors, readers, publishers, scholars and researchers.

Told reporters as the art Director of the forum on the Corner of Victoria book festival, which will take place in three days, his books brought more than 80 publishers from all over Ukraine. Represents different genres, but there are also inclusive literature.

“We create literature that helps kids with speech disorders learn to read and speak. In his books used alternative means of communication – for each word add drawings. So the children understand the meaning of the story by pictures” – said the publisher and the head of the project “Devora” Anna Usatenko.

To Book Space came 125 domestic and foreign writers. Among the famous guests Yuri Andrukhovych, Oksana Zabuzhko, Serhiy Zhadan, Irena Karpa, Ian Jack, Helen Ryzhko.

The forum was presented and the veterans ‘ tent where their books were presented by the participants of the ATO.

“The service I kept a handwritten diary, wrote down there thoughts and emotions. In my book – combat life, the conversations, the vision of the other fighters of the war in the Donbass”, – said the participant of the ATO Nikolai Nikolaev.

To Book Space posetiteli can visit not only book presentations but also lectures, autograph sessions, workshops, games, exhibitions, lounge areas and food courts. “”Interesting” – for both adults and children. Each day of the forum is rounded out with musical performances.