In Russia demonstrated a sample heavy UAV “Altair”. This video about the new unit hit the Internet. Car tail number “02” is at the exhibition area of the plant. The first prototype was a prototype demonstrator that began flight testing in July 2016. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

According to the preliminary
the information became known that the drone has a weight of 5 tons, can
to refuel in the air and has a high-altitude “ceiling” to 12
kilometers. With a length of 11.6 meters, it has a wingspan of 28.5 meters.

On normal weapons
The UAV, which is intended to be used as a shock or strategic

It was noted earlier that the Russian submarine threatening to close Europe for American convoys.

Researchers from the Washington-based Center for a new American security
reported to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on “war
challenges” in the Arctic and the Atlantic . They have demonstrated results in
simulation, in which the Russian submarine suspend military exercises
Alliance, attack on the U.S. transport ship, cut
the submarine cable between Iceland and Canada and thus violate
global communication. The NATO command, which will deal
these problems can develop military plans for “overcoming
threats” and push the allies to make a significant investment in
reconnaissance aircraft, ships and other military equipment, writes the author