Roman Nasirov




In the SAP commented on the request for disqualification of the judge in the case of Roman Nasirov.

Claimed by the defence requests for the disqualification of the investigating judge in preventive measure suspended Chairman of the State fiscal service Novel Nasirova aimed at delaying the process. This was stated by the Prosecutor of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office Andrei Perov in an interview.

“Now adjourned consideration of the allotment, which said the defence, in our opinion, outside the bounds of the right to withdrawal, because they have such a right provided. The petition was submitted as oral, in our opinion, is spontaneous, so it was aimed at delaying the process as specific studies regarding the fact that the judge conducts the trial, a lawyer, in our opinion, was not given,” said Perov.

Earlier, the court adjourned the hearing to consider the petition for recusal . The petition for removal of judge said the defense Nasirov, which sees in actions of the judge of bias.

As reported, on March 2, the NABOO detectives searched the office of DFS and the suspect handed her supervisor the Novel Nasirova.

This occurred within investigation of criminal proceedings associated with the misconduct, according to the investigation, decisions Nasirova on the installment plan of tax debts of the enterprises of the former people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko, against whom a criminal case.

As head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor Nazar Golodnitsky, according to the investigation, Nasirov caused damage to the budget by 2 billion UAH.

The Cabinet Nasirova was removed from office for the period of investigation.