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STAVROPOL, June 26. /TASS/. Farmers of the Stavropol region gathered first million tons of grain during the harvest campaign in 2018, for harvest has started 25 of the 26 districts of the region, said Tuesday the press service of the regional Ministry of agriculture.

“To date, in 25 districts of the region removed 286, 5 thousand hectares (13% of the total area), and harvested the first million tonnes of grain with an average yield of 34.9 centners from hectare”, – stated in the message.

In 2017, the average yield was more than 40 quintals per hectare. Experts attribute the decline to drought established in the Eastern areas of the province before the harvest. However in some farms in small areas managed to achieve a good result.

“The largest yield of grain crops observed seed plots in Bitl, OOO. city district – 107 quintals per hectare on an area of 15 hectares”, – the press service quoted Deputy Minister Andrei Oleinikov .

On average, farmers are held daily during the harvest of about 20 hectares, in the fields, working more than 8 thousand harvesters. Each district plans to complete a cleaning service for 2-3 weeks. The harvesting campaign has started in the Stavropol region in the middle of June.

Earlier it was reported that planting in the spring of 2018 conducted on an area of more than 980 thousand hectares, in the fall of 2017 winter crops in the region was planted 1.9 million hectares of land. Because of the drought, experts predict not only a decrease in the average yield of grain, but the General decline in volume of harvest. In 2017 in the Stavropol region has harvested 9.3 million tons of grain.