At the station of KP “Kiev underground” “Klovska” the passenger broke the rules of behavior in the subway and dropped my suitcase on the escalator, causing injuries to the girl, said on Sunday the press service of the Metropolitan and encourages passengers to follow the rules.

“Was injured 25-year-old girl. The victim was taken away by ambulance. “- said Sunday in a press-service of the Kiev metro.

In particular, they urged the KP, it is necessary to observe rules of behavior in the subway, and especially on the escalator, because negligence of the parents have repeatedly led to injury of children .

“You are reminded to hold on to the handrail (it will protect against injuries in the event of a sudden stoppage of the equipment), not to stand behind the yellow safety line (shoes and feet are intact, particularly children) not to put your fingers under the rail (and all fingers), don’t go on stage (we really don’t need the pieces of the most fashionable coats and skirts), keep your Luggage and in any case do not put bags or suitcases on the railing (don’t endanger other passengers)”, – said the press service of the subway.

KP “Kiev underground” noted that the rules posted in each car and constantly hear on the escalator slopes of stations, and called for more time to read them.