The repertoire of the Theatre. City Council appeared Thriller. “Reception” — quite a fitting name for this genre, because in hotels, according to the world cinema and a number of performances that happen out of the ordinary event in the spirit of Murakami. His version devised and implemented a playwright, Director and lead actor Sergei Yursky.

Andrew Mazulis and Sergei Yursky in the play “RECEPTION”. Photo: Alyona Kotova

One of his solo programs called “the Mundane and the fantastic story”. Play Jurassic writes in the same vein of mystification, now not hiding his authorship, although formally appearing under the pseudonym of Igor Vatsetis. Story that happened with the most ordinary people come to performances in the genre of the fantastic story. About the Jurassic was legendary — he was late for a rehearsal to Tell, as I got to the theater at the last moment, when the performance has already begun . But to chastise him was impossible — there were not arguments in response to the fantastic explanations of natural events, suddenly the raging headwind, prevented from moving forward. So absurd is inseparable from the reality. Once explained to the Jurassic, he, that is, Vatsetis, suggests in his theatre a the psychological state of society in the spirit of theater of the absurd.

First plays Vatsetis played on the small stage “Under the roof”, but for civil statements (Jurassic his new performance, no doubt is) it took a lot of space. And he came out on the big stage. Jurassic repeatedly said the texts of others, and they sounded always in the first person. His characters liked to talk about the meaning of life, even if it is a rural grandfather Mitya in the film “Love and pigeons”.

In the “Reception” of the Jurassic — a man of Roman Plotkin. But how was Chatsky, which many recall the witnesses of the legendary performance of the BDT, and it still is. Watching this life from the outside, and things are happening very strange and, in fact, one soldier in the field. It was necessary to arrive at the private hotel of a provincial town, to sit the night in the lobby over a glass of brandy, to talk to the night porter to our present life spread out like solitaire. The events unfold during one day. Closer to the night beginning to flock, like vampires, strange personality, some secret agents of the invisible front, checking in under false names — someone Sokolov, one of the eagles. With their arrival, the hotel will announce the epicenter of the infection and it will become detached from the real world island, headed by the owner of the building, as it is written, Veronika N performed by Elena Valyushkina. With her there is clearly a problem. The landlady didn’t get the friend of former years — the age barrier not to jump, but what man doesn’t want to be in the company of beautiful women much younger! The hotel quarantine is declared, and not to enter or exit impossible. For Jurassic it is a sort of purgatory.

In the finals on stage will be young heroes, quite a aliens. They will wander through the debris of our life that seems to them a age of dinosaurs, “Jurassic Park” by Steven Spielberg. This memory and the legacy we leave future generations about yourself. On the evening of the absurd ends.