Photo: Twitter: @KBGDunn a Piece of the ceiling collapsed at the theatre of London

All the spectators were removed from the theater. Some people received minor injuries.

Several people received minor injuries after a piece of ceiling collapsed in a London theatre in the middle of the performance.

According to the report of the Metropolitan police, the incident occurred at the Piccadilly theatre in the midst of a show production called “death of a salesman” with the American actor Wendell Pierce in the title role.

“The police together with the fire brigade and doctors arrived at the theater… after the message about the collapse of the ceiling 19:59. All the people were withdrawn from the theater. Some people received minor injuries”, – stated in the message of Scotland Yard.

Sky News published photos taken by some viewers. They visible hole in the ceiling measuring approximately three by two meters. Of it hanging wires.

However, some visitors of the theatre, built 91 years ago, said that before the roof fell with a crash, and there came water, they heard the growing sound of running water.

Earlier in the Kharkiv school No. 121 in the Industrial area of the city during the lesson, the ceiling fell.

In Sumy in the hospital after the repair of the ceiling collapsed

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