The us Congress issued a bill on new anti-Russian sanctions.

Being under sanctions of the Russian banks to limit financing from 90 days to 14. The U.S. Congress in the coming days will vote for the bill, reports “Russian conversation”.

All legal entities and individuals from the United States will be banned “everyone deals with funding and other business relationships involving new debt for a period longer than 14 days.”

Current restrictions prohibit giving funding for a period of more than 90 days. Also will be limited to the financing of the Russian engineers, who are under sanctions, up to 30 days.

In addition, senators John McCain and Ben Cardin proposed new sanctions relating to the energy and defense sectors of the Russian economy.

To vote for the bills, the senators will be on Wednesday. If approved, the bill will be submitted to the White house .

Earlier it was reported that Washington intends to impose new sanctions against countries trading with North Korea.

It was also noted that Lavrov responded harshly to the idea of Washington’s new sanctions.