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The bill provides for the imposition of sanctions against companies cooperating with Russian intelligence or defence industry.

In the U.S. Congress introduced a bill to impose new sanctions against Russia over cyber attacks and other aggressive actions, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

Relevant document published on the Congress website.

The author of the bill was Senator from the Republican party, Alex Mooney.

Also, Muni proposes to introduce sanctions against the oil and gas and nuclear sectors, buyers of Russian government bonds and state-owned companies.

The author of the document also proposes to complicate the process of abolition of these and the already existing sanctions. In order to lift sanctions, the US President will have to prove that it is necessary in the interests of national security of the United States .

As reported, on March 24, the US Administration imposed sanctions against eight Russian enterprises and organizations in conflict with the law INKSNA prohibiting the supply of arms, weapons technology and dual-use goods to Iran, North Korea and Syria.