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The members of the foreign Affairs Committee of the house of representatives and the Ukrainian Caucus in Congress is a Democrat B. Boyle and Republican Congressman B. Fitzpatrick presented a draft “Law 2017 on cooperation with Ukraine in cyber security issues.”

This was announced by the Embassy of Ukraine in USA in Facebook.

The bill specifies that the policy of the United States is providing assistance to the government of Ukraine in improving their cyber security strategies, particularly in such areas as installing the latest updates for the security of the computers of government bodies, including systems, software security, aimed at protecting critical infrastructure of Ukraine. In addition, the document envisages the reduction of Ukraine’s dependence on Russian technology . Also, promoting the expansion of Ukraine’s participation in the programmes of exchange of information that is associated with the subject of cybersecurity and international efforts to counter cyber threats. Also building the country’s own capacity for protection in the field of cybersecurity.

It is reported that the document reaffirms the commitment of the United States Charter on strategic partnership between Ukraine and the USA, Budapest Memorandum on security guarantees, the support of Ukraine’s cooperation with NATO.

Recall, Russia was suspected of cyber attacks on the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Italy. According to officials of the Italian government, the cyber attack began last spring and lasted more than four months.

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