Photo: the U.S. Senate

The new restrictive measures are being considered as a response to Moscow’s intervention in the American elections and aggression against Ukraine.

The Senate Committee on foreign relations of the United States Congress next week to vote on the bill providing introduction of sanctions against Russia over the Kremlin’s meddling in the American elections and aggression against Ukraine. On Thursday, December 5, with reference to the representative Committee, reported Radio Liberty.

The bill of the Act on the protection of American security from Russian aggression (DASKA) will consider on December 11 at the meeting of the Committee. The document was presented in the Senate in February on the initiative of several senators, including Republican Lindsey Graham and Democrat Bob Menendez. An important part of the bill are sanctions against Russia.

It is proposed to introduce sanctions against Russian banks involved in the interference in elections in the United States and other countries, companies operating in the field of cyber operations. Restrictions can also relate to new state loans of Russia. In addition, subject to sanctions can become Russian citizens and organizations involved in illegal activities, “direct or indirect instructions of Vladimir Putin.”

The most significant for Russia could be the proposal to introduce tougher sanctions against Russian oil and gas industry, subject to which foreign suppliers of equipment, technologies, services and lenders in the Russian energy sector.

Sanctions are also provided against Russian citizens involved in the capture of the Ukrainian sailors in the Kerch Bay in November last year, and Russian troops that have impeded the freedom of navigation in this area.

Earlier it was reported that the Senate is preparing a “trick of sanctions” against the Russian gas pipeline Nord stream-2.


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