A group of U.S. Republican senators wrote a letter to the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson with a request to investigate the attempts of the Obama administration to intervene in the elections of several countries of Europe, Africa and Latin America by funding individual political forces.

The author of the letter was made by Mike Lee, supported by Jim Inhofe, Tom Tillis, Ted Cruz, David Pardo and bill Cassidy, reports “Russian conversation”.

It is noted that for the U.S. taxpayer, the Obama administration tried to influence elections in Albania, Macedonia and several countries in Africa and Latin America.

According to information, the state Department and the U.S. Agency for international development has channeled funds to “center-left groups”. The funds were transferred through the Fund “open society” of George Soros .

“Such political favoritism of our (diplomatic) missions around the world is unacceptable and threatens our bilateral relations,” noted the senators.

The senators also called upon to investigate embezzlement of taxpayers ‘ money and review program of the United States.

Earlier it was reported that the Obama administration has spent millions of dollars on the classification of documents.

It was also noted that a source told me Obama towards Trump.