The leaders of the Committee on banks of the Senate of the United States, proposes to tighten sanctions against Russia over its actions in Ukraine and Syria, as well as in cyberspace.

As reported by Bloomberg, such a proposal made Wednesday by the Chairman of the Committee on banks Senator Mike Crapo and co-chair of the Democrats Senator Sherrod brown.

According to the Agency, the proposal of senators indicates the intention of the part of Congress to prevent the President of the United States to improve relations with Russia.

In particular, the Agency reports citing Crapo M., and S. brown, the bill will allow to expand sanctions against such sectors as metallurgy and Railways.

“This will allow us to consolidate the law and strengthen the existing sanctions affecting Russian energy projects and debt financing in the key sectors of the economy “, – quotes Agency the text of the press release of senators .

“Despite current sanctions, Russia remains a hostile, rebellious power, deploys its military activities and applies resources information cyber espionage and economic leverage to harm the United States and to sow discord between them and their allies”, – stated in the message of senators.