The UN security Council meeting

The text of the document prepared by Egypt.

To the vote of the UN Security Council the draft resolution, which condemns the decision of the sole for determining the status of Jerusalem. The document was prepared by Egypt.

The draft resolution contains a clause stating that any decisions that hint at changing the status of Jerusalem have no legal force and should be abolished. It is also noted that the issue of Jerusalem’s status should be “resolved through negotiations”.

The draft resolution expresses “deep disappointment the recent decision on the status of Jerusalem”, without mentioning specific States and officials.

It is expected that the UN security Council will vote on the resolution on December 18th.

As reported Корреспондент .netDecember 6, the US President, Donald trump declared recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and instructed the state Department to begin preparing to transfer the American Embassy from tel Aviv.

The Israeli authorities said the decision of the US President’s gift, and the leader of Palestine said that it means the end of American involvement in the middle East peace process.

Washington’s decision has caused a wave of indignation and condemnation in the Arab world and led to large-scale clashes between Palestinians and Israelis.

Source: the Ukrainian service of Deutsche Welle

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