According to Deutsche Welle, Europol and the FBI established a private web forum for perverts.

We are talking about network Playpen, which was created and administered Stephen chase. The day before he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. The investigation in relation to this site has been ongoing for two years. At the moment it still continues, reports “Russian conversation”.

The FBI had installed hacking software that allowed them to access the website and its servers, as well as to leave on its visitors. Subsequently, the police got access to over 1,000 computers and installed their users.

As a result, in America and Europe, local law enforcement officers have detained about 900 pedophiles. Among them were several possible producers of child pornography. Also the police was able to rescue 296 their victims.

Earlier in the Chelyabinsk police arrested 47-year-old criminal who raped a few children .

As reported, “Russian conversation”, in the Moscow metro 40-year-old pedophile was trying to corrupt the boy right in the car. Guards managed to detain him.