Belarusian athletes commented on the transfer of the Olympic games in Tokyo.

Summer 2020 in Tokyo was to be held, the Olympic games, but because of the pandemic of coronavirus in the world of competitions were postponed. In the message the International Olympic Committee States that they should be held no later than the summer of 2021. Belarusian athletes commented the news.

Andrey Aryamnov: “the Transfer of the Olympic games — it means I’m a very lucky man”

About three weeks ago, the Olympic champion on weightlifting Andrey Aryamnov was injured in the performance of the snatch with a weight of 170 kg and only recently returned to training. For a full recovery before the Olympics in Tokyo in earlier planned terms Aryamnov was not enough time, so his reaction to the postponement of the competition should not be surprised.

— The Olympics canceled? Exactly? — asked in a telephone conversation Andrew. For me this is great news, because the day before I received a serious injury. I have a torn elbow ligament. Have pericranial hands and went for too much weight on the background of the unrest, as men-weightlifters from Belarus at the Olympic Games in 2020 was supposed to be just one ticket: the nerves overload. Made a mistake. This left the social networks. Think, analyze. Was hoping serious starts this year due to the coronavirus] will be gone.

Andrey Aryamnov. Photo: Marina Serebryakova, TUT.BY

— So now that means I’m a very lucky man, concluded Aryamnov. — I have a great chance to prepare. Good news. But for the world of sports and especially the athletes who were in good form, it is a heavy blow. Athletes-“Oldies” will be eliminated, and the youth tightened. Still have will be different results, not the people will stand on pedestals.

The transfer of the Olympic games, in my opinion, is the right solution. No need to be afraid of the coronavirus and panic, but the situation is most serious in the world. The earth is faced with a real problem, but we will survive it?!

“In the case of an epidemic a month, we just survive”. Aryamnov is filled with food two refrigerators.

Marina Arzamasova: “In the United States and Europe are taking tough measures to fight the pandemic, and Belarusians parade around Hollywood, C’mon”

The world champion in run on 800 m Marina Arzamasova in the summer of 2019 got into trouble. She was accused of using banned substances. In January 2020, it seemed that the dispute over the restoration of the good name of Marina has to resolve in her favor, but the status of female athletes has not been determined. For competitions it is not allowed.

On the occasion of the transfer of the Olympic games in Tokyo, the Marina agreed to talk to the press.

Marina Arzamasova. Photo: Olga Shukailo, TUT.BY

— In recent weeks, the incoming information as if preparing to transfer the Olympic games, — said Marina — he said the offset options. Athletes remains nothing how to accept the news of the transfer. The decision was taken at a high level. Well, then, you need to be ready to act for the Olympics next time.

Recently discussed with my friends that life is now such that all changes very quickly. Personally, I have been a very big change, and this part is still very movable. And when in January have cancelled the world championship in athletics in the premises, I the coach said: “I guess it must be because my question is still not solved.” I want to win this “winter” championship, but could not start. Maybe his transfer for a year to be the best for me.

I hope that my situation will be resolved soon. I do not want to be in a position of uncertainty. But on the other hand, it is impossible to achieve any actions, decisions. Apparently, quarantine is also affects their (Athletic Integrity Unit, an independent organization for the fight against doping in athletics) work.

Anyway, I still go to training. After returning from training camp in Portugal on March 22, recently ran for the first time. Are now with the family in isolation in Raubichi.

Marina Arzamasova together with coach Natalia Dunaway. Photo: Reuters via TUT.BY

— By the way, my flight from Lisbon to Minsk came with the adventure due to the cancellation of flights by Lufthansa — confessed runner. — Had to go home via Paris, and there did not want to accept non-citizens of France. In General, seeing the situation there — and this is no joke — and then, you know that people in Belarus don’t feel threatened.

Yesterday talked with the teacher of the eldest daughter, so in her class and go 16 participants from 28. From the media we know that in the United States and Europe are taking tough measures to fight the pandemic, and Belarusians “parade around Hollywood”, walk. God forbid that we have not had a difficult situation [of coronavirus].