Photo: Reuters (archive photo) the US will increase sanctions pressure on Russia and Cuba

In Washington thinking about what should be the sanctions of individual or sectoral.

The US is considering new sanctions against Russia because of the support of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. This was stated by the representative of the White house in this country, Elliott Abrams, AFP reported on Thursday, July 25.

“The pressure will continue, tomorrow we will have more sanctions,” – said the American diplomat.

He added that he believes is “quite dramatic” effect on the regime of Maduro, although he still holds power.

Abrams did not specify that provide for sanctions, which will be announced later on Thursday.

He also said that Washington will increase pressure on Cuba for its actions in Venezuela in support of Maduro.

“As for Russia, we still think about what sanctions to apply, an individual or sector,” said Abrams.

According to him, Russia never gives Venezuela money.

“However, they (the Russians – ed.) help to sell its oil to a certain extent, and this is what we think”, – concluded the diplomat.

Recall that exports of Venezuelan oil fell sharply amid U.S. sanctions. The government of Nicolas Maduro increasingly difficult to find buyers of oil, which is the only real source of income of Venezuela.

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