Photo: Reuters Scientists have tested the vaccine on humans

Doctors managed to achieve the appearance in the organism of antibodies in an amount that we recover cov people.

American biotechnology company Moderna has announced the successful completion of the first phase of clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus in a group of volunteers, reports Reuters.

On the early tests of the drug on a group of volunteers it was reported in April.

The vaccine with the working title of the mRNA-1273 injected healthy people. The experiment involved 45 volunteers aged 18 to 55 years. Participants were divided into three groups. Each was assigned a different dose – 25, 100, or 250 mcg. The drug was administered by injection in the shoulder two times with an interval of 28 days. The required number of antibodies developed by the group which appointed dose 25 mcg.

The number of antibodies in trial participants, depending on the dose of the drug or exceeded the corresponding figure in the blood of people who had recovered from COVID-19, or was at the same level.

The drug is deemed safe, does not have any related complications.

“At the initial stage, the vaccine has proven itself safe and tolerated without complications,” – said in a statement.

Manufacturers consider it a success and are ready to proceed to the final stage of clinical trials, which should begin in July.

Earlier it was reported that China has developed a cure for the coronavirus, which is assumed to be able to stop the pandemic even without a coronavirus vaccine.

Today also it became known that in Singapore create a vaccine that can be changed by mutation COVID-19.

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