As it became known, the Creator of the American company, whose aim is the organization of tourist space flights and launches of small satellites Branson’s specially designed space suits, which will provide all future spacecraft for tourists, reports the Russian dialogue with the link to the official site of Virgin Galactic.

According to the official technical partner, who took the main part in the development and creation of outer clothing for tourists, was another American company Under Armour, specializing in the production of sports clothing and equipment.

As a result of intense collaboration, the two organizations created a unique system of space equipment for the astronauts of Virgin Galactic, consisting of a base coat, suit, shoes, sweat shirts and jackets. This is the first such collection designed specifically for space tourists.

It is noted that in the process of its development was attended by doctors, trainers, astronauts, pilots and even engineers who took into account all the factors that can affect the comfort and safety of passengers and crew shuttles.

You should pay attention to the fact that while Branson National Aeronautics and space research USA held its presentation of prototypes of future spacesuits for astronauts, which will be used for missions to the moon and Mars.

This equipment can withstand operating temperatures from -121 to +121 °C and is designed to operate on the surface of planets. Its structure allows the astronauts to move more than in previous versions.

Earlier, the “Russian conversation” informed the readers about the statement of the representatives of the Russian State Corporation for space activities “Roscosmos”, which announced plans for the landing of the Russian cosmonauts on the moon.