In the United States exposed group of hackers

The international criminal organization stole more than $ 530 million. In its activities was involved 11 thousand people who have never met.

The U.S. Department of justice charged with fraud 36 persons suspected of participation in the international group Infraud Organization created by the citizen of Ukraine. This was reported on the website of the Department.

It is noted that the group stole more than $ 530 million. It was created by the Ukrainian Svyatoslav Bondarenko in 2010. Cyber criminals operated under the slogan In Fraud We Trust − We believe in the fraud.

The organization illegally mined and sold personal data of Internet users, engaged in hacking Bank and email accounts, as well as spread malware.

According to U.S . law enforcement agencies, in the activities Infraud Organization was involved in approximately 11 thousand people, most of whom have never met each other personally.

Of the 36 suspects, 13 people were arrested. The others charged in absentia charges.

Earlier it was reported that Spain gave to the US authorities of the Russian programmer Peter Levashov, a suspect in the cyber crimes.

In the United States hacker 13 years, followed by people using computers

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