Photo: Getty Images In the United States fired police officers over the fatal arrest of a man

The mayor stated that the police actions could not be a wrong decision taken in a split second, as deadly detention lasted five minutes.

In the United States fired four police officers of Minneapolis, who during a brutal arrest and died a black man. On Wednesday, may 27, reports The Washington Post.

Initially, the city police reported that the arrested man had “physical resistance” to the police. Later the mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey said that as the disclosure of additional information”, it became clear that the initial information was not accurate.”

The mayor have condemned the actions of the police and stated that the act of the security forces cannot be called a simple mistake.

“Within five minutes we watched as a white officer pressed his knee to the neck of a helpless black man. A full five minutes. This was not the result of wrong decision taken in a split second,” said Frey, stressing that the dismissal of the police then was the right decision.

Previously, the network got a video of the detention of black men by police. The footage shows a police officer puts his knee to the neck of a detainee who is moaning and asking for help. The man lying on the ground near a police car, begging for help, while one of the officers presses his neck with his knee. The man also shouted that he had a stomachache and neck and asked for water. His nose was bleeding.

See the situation, repeatedly asking the officer to remove his knee from the man’s neck, but their requests remained unheeded. At some point, the victim had stopped responding. It became known later that the man died.

Today it was reported that in the United States broke out riots after the murder of black men by police.


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