Photo: researchers are testing a cure for coronavirus

Researchers report that most patients were heavy and most of them were discharged from hospital within a week.

In the U.S. clinical trials of the drug remdesivir in the fight against coronavirus. Researchers say about a good preliminary figures, reported on Friday, April 17, CNN.

It is noted that patients with the coronavirus, who received an experimental drug, quickly recovered. Most of them in a matter of days was able to leave the hospital and go home. Each of them were acute respiratory symptoms and high fever. But in less than a week they were discharged.

“The best news is that most of our patients already checked out, and that’s fine. Only two patients died,” said infectious disease specialist Dr. Caitlin Mullen from the University of Chicago, which heads the clinical trials of the drug.

Attempts by journalists to get more details about the effect of drugs, the University said it would comment when the official results will be ready.

Earlier, the national institutes of health began testing several drugs that can potentially help fight COVID-19. Remdesivir among them. The drug was developed by Gilead Sciences. It was tested against Ebola, but not very successfully. However, a number of animal studies have found that medications can be effective in fighting like COVID-19 coronaviruses, in particular SARS and MERS. In February, the who reported that remdesivir can potentially help to fight the current pandemic.

“Most of our patients were severe. And most of them after 6 days went home. It tells us that the duration of therapy should be 10 days,” said Mullen.

However, clinical trials did not include control group. The publication explains that in the control group of similar patients not receiving a drug. This allows doctors to understand how effective the medicines that they experience.

Today it was also reported that in Britain, is a large-scale trial of drugs against COVID-19.

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