Photo: Science Alert Created the world’s most powerful magnet

Its magnetic field creates a force to 32 Tesla.

American scientists from the National laboratory of high magnetic fields announced the creation of the most powerful superconducting magnet in history. Thus, in this region set a new world record, says ScienceAlert.

It is reported that the magnet 33% more powerful than the previous record-holder, and in 3000 times stronger than the small magnet on the fridge. This development is most significant in the last 40 years in his spre.

“This is a real revolution in the design and manufacture of magnets. New magnet design will allow us to apply new experimental methods here in our lab, but will also increase the power of the other scientific tools like x – rays and scatterers of neutrons worldwide,” said MagLab Director Greg Boebinger.

The magnet 32 and name made of combination of low and high temperature superconductors .

It is expected that it will be available for use by scientists worldwide in the next year.